The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems into personal homes
and businesses prompts the idea that such ecosystems contain residual data,
which can be used as digital evidence in court proceedings. However, the
forensic examination of IoT ecosystems introduces a number of investigative
problems for the digital forensics community. One of these problems is the
limited availability of practical processes and techniques to guide the
preservation and analysis of residual data from these ecosystems. Focusing on a
detailed case study of the iHealth Smart Scale ecosystem, we present an
empirical demonstration of practical techniques to recover residual data from
different evidence sources within a smart scale ecosystem. We also document the
artifacts that can be recovered from a smart scale ecosystem, which could
inform a digital (forensic) investigation. The findings in this research
provides a foundation for future studies regarding the development of processes
and techniques suitable for extracting and examining residual data from IoT

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